About us

1. Company name: An Vinh Joint Stock Company
Transaction Name: An Vinh Joint Stock Company 

2. Transaction office:
- Head office: 106 Ton Duc Thang, Dong Da, Hanoi
- Branch: 2nd Floor, 8 Nguyen Cong Hoan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
- Phone: (84-4) 35380012
- Fax: (84-4) 3 7623357
- E-mail: info@anvinhgroup.com

3. Certificate of Business Registration No .: 0101422128
- Dated:
- Place of issue: Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment

4. Type of business: Joint Stock Company
An Vinh Joint Stock Company is engaged in production and business in the following fields:
- Civil engineering, industry, transportation, irrigation.
- Construction of transmission lines and substations up to 35KV.
- Leveling and building infrastructure.
- Manufacturing and trading building materials and interior decoration.
- Rentals and offices.
- Cargo.
- Producing and trading agricultural, forestry and aquatic products.
- Producing and trading electrical materials.
- Construction consultancy (excluding construction designing services).
- Consultancy on wastewater treatment and environmental treatment.
- General design, interior architecture: For civil and industrial construction.
- Real estate business.
- International travel, domestic travel and services for tourists.
- Passenger transportation by car.
- Other transportation by contract car.
- Design civil, industrial, interior design, planning design.
- Design of general planning, architecture, interior and exterior for civil and industrial construction.
- Architectural design.
- Design of lines and stations, civil electricity, industrial electricity.
- Wholesaling, retailing books, magazines, stationery
Retail - Carpets, mattresses, blankets, curtains, blinds, wall coverings, flooring

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Hotline: 024.3538.0012 - 090.409.9595